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All fish caught on Hooker Tackle Company products and released!

Nice spring Northern Pike caught by, Frans Oomen, on the Meuse River in the Netherlands, in 2013 on a Hooker Jr.
Frans says, "There is growing interest in these Hooker Jr's. There are not many lures you can troll on a short line behind the boat and still fish them really deep."

The Hooker Lure proved to be THE REAL Fish Catcher!
The attached photos are of three Wahoo's caught in the Gulf Stream off Hatteras, North Carolina and Big Pine Key, Florida on the 10" Original Hooker Lure in the Natural Shad Color. I have also caught several other Wahoo's using the Hooker Lure.

While everyone else was fishing in vain with traditional saltwater Ballyhoo Rigs, the Hooker Lure proved to be THE REAL Fish Catcher! I caught fish with the Hooker Lure when no one else did! I like the new colors and am looking forward to using the Original 10" Hooker and 8" Hooker Junior lures for many more years of productive saltwater fishing! Thanks so much!

Dennis Kane
Cape Hatteras Island, North Carolina


Bob Marshall of Bowerston, Ohio with a tremendous 52 1/2 inch Buffalo Harbor, Lake Erie Musky, taken on a 10 inch Hooker B in a Perch Pattern.

Mark Maghran proudly holds a monster 54 1/2 inch Musky prior to release that was caught on a Hooker Bait. This Lake Erie beast was the second largest Musky caught on a Hooker during the 1998 season.

Barry Pringle of Ontario, Canada is all smiles as he strains to lift a 54x29 inch Musky caught on a 10 inch Hooker Bait from Lake Erie. The estimated weight of 56 pounds makes this one of the largest Muskies caught in North America in 2000!

Geoff Hetrick is all smiles as he releases a Musky into Alum Creek Reservoir.

Ron Murdock with a 42 inch Clearfork Reservoir release caught during the strong March pre-spawn bite.

Geoff Hetrick shows a 48 1/2 inch Musky from Buffalo Harbor, 1st Hooker Jr. Perch.

Barry Pringle holds a 10" Firetiger Hooker Bait.

Mark Maghran hoists one of his largest releases of the 1998 season, a 50" musky with a 25" girth. The fish was caught on a perch 10" Hooker.

Alan Ferguson of Cheshire, England caught Nile Perch in Egypt's Lake Nasser. The larger fish weighed in at 120 lbs, the smaller at 82. Many other fish were caught on Hooker's in the 20-50 lb range.

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