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Hooker Tackle Company Products
The Hooker Tackle Company manufactures a quality line of baits for casting or trolling. Each link below takes you to a page which describes the bait, its applications and colors.

The new multi-species "Seducer"TM -- is a seven-inch crankbait designed to perform in a vast array of angling applications.

The Famous Hooker BaitTM-- The 10" HookerTM has caught many giant muskies and is a tackle box fixture for many charters and guides.

Hooker JuniorTM-- The 8" Hooker Junior is a scaled down version of the HookerTM. Still, its rugged construction and unbeatable action have caught many huge fish.

Hooker ShadTM -- This 4 1/2" bait catches giant muskies, but also entices walleyes, bass, northern pike and saugeye. Its durable construction guarantee years of bottom-grinding, fish catching resilience for years to come!

Hooker Tackle Company
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