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"Seducer"TM The Newest Addition to the Hooker Tackle Lineup
The Hooker Tackle Company is proud to announce the latest addition to its great lineup of musky baits, the "Seducer"TM.  For several years anglers throughout the United States and Canada have asked us to develop a smaller version of the Hooker Bait TM and Hooker Jr. TM. After much testing, we have developed what may become one of the most sought after baits on the market.  We've re-engineered the lexan lip design to produce a tougher lure that will dive to even greater depths than before!

The Seducer TM is seven inches of casting and trolling magic.  This baitfish imitation, polyurethane foam crankbait will run as deep as ten to fifteen feet when retrieved by conventional casting.  Its body profile and light weight (2 1/2 ounces), gives casters a crankbait they can cast all day long! Trollers will be thrilled with depths of fifteen to thirty feet they can achieve with ease.

Seducer's TM unique body profile gives it an enticing side to side wobble.  Whether you shortline troll weed edges at high speed or spend time searching for Esox humungous over deep water, you'll definitely want this great bait in your arsenal.

Handcrafted in America, the Seducer TM is made from hand-poured polyurethane foam and the finest material components available including stainless steel Wolverine brand split rings, a solid lexan lip and 3/0 Mustad round-bend treble hooks.

Colors and Patterns

You can choose from ten different color selections, all designed to put more and larger muskies in your boat. Colors include: Perch, Walleye, Natural Shad, Tennessee Shad, Firetiger, Gold/Orange Belly, Pearl/Orange Belly, Silver Shiner, Crappie and Carp.

Don't be afraid to use the Seducer TM for other gamefish.  It's also deadly for other species including walleye, bass, stripers and northern pike.

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